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Teste di Moro

In Palermo, around the year 1100, in the beautiful Arabic quarter 'Al Hâlisah, a beautiful girl lived in a palace and spent her days curing flowers and plants of her balcony. One day a young foreign man, passing near her balcony, saw the beautiful girl and fell in love with her. 

When She knew the young man would leave her to go back at his home in the East, where he waited for a wife with her offspring, waited for the darkness and as soon as she Fell asleep, killed him, cut his head and put it in a jar where she planted basil on the balcony. The young man, therefore, would always be stay with her. Meanwhile, the basil grew lush and aroused the envy of all the inhabitants of the neighborhood who, in order to be no less, built terracotta pots in the shape of a dark head.



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Teste di moro

Teste di moro

Product SKU:  TM03

Testa di moro in ceramic of Caltagirone Couple with …

Testa di moro

Testa di moro

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Testa di moro in ceramica of Caltagirone Couple …

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